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Example Call Script

Sometimes it can be a little difficult knowing what to say, especially when calling a ‘cold’ lead who may never have heard of you. Remember the first goal is simply to start a relationship and if you can get to second base (valuation appointment) the great!

Here is a little script you could use to help you do just that. It’s by no means perfect but will give you an idea of what to say. You will find your own feet and develop your own way of handling the calls after you make a few.

In the mean time you could try something like this:

Hi, I’m calling on behalf of <name of your agency>, my name is <your name> we provide the property value calculator you recently used on <name of landing page>. I just wanted to know what you thought of the valuation the website gave you?

Them: “It was spot on”

You: Brilliant, what was the reason you requested the Valuation?

Them: “I’m thinking of selling”

You: Ok well if I’m honest the tool doesn’t take into account a few factors which may affect the value, If you are thinking of selling it may be best if I came over and gave you a professional opinion, when is good for you?

Them: “Just Curious”

(then find out why. Are they selling in the future?)

You: No worries, most people are curious about the value of their property. I’m happy to come along anyway so that you at least have an accurate figure to think about.

“It was way off”

Yes, exactly, that’s why I’m calling. Unfortunately because the tool only uses recent sales data and does not take into account any modifications, It can sometimes be a bit off.

I’d love to to give you an accurate valuation, when are you free?

Hope this helps and good luck with the next call.